Sunday, November 17, 2019

Empowering Employment: AIM's real goal

There's absolutely no problem working, we all need that to live our lives. However, most of the times, our salaries is just not enough to sustain our basic needs, much more give us savings.

Take for example the image below, an empty drum filled with holes. Those holes represents all the expenses where your money usually goes, such as, electric and water bills, tuition fees for schools, food expenses, transportation fees, health care, etc.

Imagine that you are earning 20,000 and each of the holes leaks 3,500 out of your salary. In total, that makes 6x3,500 = 21,000. You still lack 1,000 to fill the drum.

The problem becomes complicated when we sacrifice one basic need to fit the budget. Either we remove some medicines, we remove the stop sending kids at school. Worst is when you borrow money with interest, which compounds the whole situation because you simply don't have other means to pay your debt. It's simply like being stuck in the mud.

So how do we give solution to this? How can we change the cycle that we are in? Simple. Fill the gap with something that gives you another opprtunities to earn extra.

This is what AIM global really helps people. Let's not talk about becoming millionaires for the mean time. A simple 1,000 a month to meet all your needs is quite a huge help, isn't? A little effort to put in to this business can help you and your love ones trive. A small 1,000 can go a long way, right? And by the time you've had your momentum in this business, you'd be earning not just 1,000, but possibly thousands, or even millions.

This is what we call, EMPOWERMENT. That is why AIM's battlecry is "POWER!"

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