Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogger Templates

As a blogger, I want my page to look good so i tried my best to look for templates/themes that will fit my blog.

And me being nice to you (yes you), I decided to search for sites that gives free blogger (new and classic) templates/themes and post it here.

Be sure to back up your current template and page elements/widgets before using your new template.


  1. 2 Column Blogger Template: Water 1024
  2. 3 Column Blogger Template: Lives Art
  3. 3-Column Rounders2 Sidebars Left And Right
  4. 3-Column Sun Flowers Template For New Blogger (Beta)
  5. 3-Column Sun Flowers Theme For Blogger Beta With Sidebars On The Left And Right
  6. Army Color Theme For New Blogger
  7. Azure Blogger Template
  8. Belldandy Anime Template For Blogger
  9. Blogger Template - Ornament Theme
  10. Blogger Template: The Green Gel
  11. Blue Square Blogger Template
  12. Can You Feel The Love, A Theme For New Blogger
  13. Chinese Picture - Bird And Flowers
  14. Christian Church Theme For New Blogger
  15. Christmas Ball Theme For Blogspot
  16. Christmas Tree Theme For Blogspot
  17. City View Template For New Blogger
  18. Crowd of Fish 1024
  19. Dock to the Blue
  20. Dolphin Theme For Blogspot
  21. Folder Blue Blogger Template
  22. Free As a Bird Blogger Template
  23. Green Blue Blogger Template
  24. Guitar Theme Blogger Template
  25. Happy Birthday
  26. Home Sweet Home, Template For New Blogger
  27. Horizontal Black Bar
  28. Joomla Hosting Blogger Theme
  29. Lavender Blogger Template
  30. Leaves Aromatherapy Theme
  31. Leaves Lover
  32. Lotus Blogger Template
  33. Making 3 Column Blogger Template For Blogger Beta
  34. Merry Christmas For Blogspot
  35. Midnight
  36. Midnight Widgetized Blogger Template
  37. Movie Blog Template, Movie Box
  38. New Blogger Theme, MP3 Player Theme
  39. Paper Border Blogger Template
  40. Paper Note
  41. Scene One Template
  42. Simply Blue
  43. Simply Green
  44. Simply Orange
  45. So Sweet
  46. Spider Web Theme For New Blogger
  47. Story Book Snow Bird
  48. Street Lamp
  49. Sun Flower
  50. Sunset In Bali
  51. Sunshine
  52. The City
  53. The Globe
  54. The iPhone Blogger Template
  55. The Traveller Blogger Template
  56. Three Trees
  57. Wedding Blog Templates
  58. Wordpress Hosting Blogger Template


  1. 3-Column
  2. Animals
  3. Architecture
  4. Art
  5. Beta (Google account)
  6. Cars, Ships & Airplanes
  7. Cartoon And Kids
  8. Classic
  9. Computers Country and City (new)
  10. Game
  11. General
  12. Music and Dance Nature Simple (new)
  13. Sports
  14. Women
  15. Religion

  1. 3 column
  2. 2 column
  3. light
  4. dark
  5. blue
  6. pink
  7. green
  8. red
  9. orange
  10. yellow
  11. brown
  12. gray
  13. minimalistic
  14. artistic
  15. monochromatic
  16. web2.0
  17. niche

  1. 2 Column Blogger Template
  2. 3 Column Blogger Template
  3. Anime
  4. Colors
  5. Darks
  6. Modern
  7. Simple

If you are having a difficulty with any of these themes, you can ask for assistance to their respective template designer/editor.

Tip: If you know something about CSS or if not try to do trial and error or read some basic tutorials about CSS or web page designing and do a little make over to your chosen template/theme like changing the colors, background image, and add some widgets to make it different from the others.

I hope you are able to pick the best template that suit your taste.


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