Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pinoy Biggest Loser Doubles: Ang Bigating Pagtatapos

Tonight is the night that we have all been waiting for: The Finale of Pinoy Biggest Loser Doubles.

Bryan Castillo of Bigating Magkapatid (with sister Ikya) was named as Pinoy Biggest Loser after he was able to lose 52.56% of his weight.

Here are the results of the final Weigh ins:

Mommy Osie (Bagong Bigateam): 
First weight:280 Lbs.
Weight Loss: 133 Lbs
Final weight: 133 lbs.

Francis (Bagong Bigateam):
First weight: 305 lbs.
Weight loss: 149
Final weight: 149

Firstweight: 293 Lbs.
Weight loss: 154 lbs.
Final weight: 139 lbs

Kayen (Mag-asawa)
First weight: 287
Weight loss: 142 lbs.
Final weight: 145 lbs.

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