Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FrancSwiss a Scam?

FrancSwiss like any other business trick promises a big pot of money in a very easy way.

It is now one of the newest craze in town. Its aim is "not only to produce millionaires but also to lead those millionaires on how to have a right attitude towards financial freedom."

They offer a 4.5% net return for every $1,000 investment everyday, which is not impossible to attain. There are a lot of investors who have been earning from this so called scam now, but how long can Franc Swiss maintain this kind of business luck?

If you’re going to check their websites,,, and, they are all inaccessible now. So what does it mean? Are they running away from their investors?

A text advisory from FrancSwiss is now being spread to calm their investors.

"FS advisory: to all investors remain calm. The server will resume anytime."

Here in the Philippines, names of big personalities were being used or linked to promote and attract investors.

Some of the said big personalities who invested in FrancSwiss were Korina Sanchez whom Eleazard Castillo, one of the chief financial adviser of FrancSwiss said to have invested a 15M dollars to her account.

In addition Caudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago, brothers Victor and Isabela governor Benjamin Dy, and baskeball player Bonell Balingit were included in the said list of investors.

Korina already cleared her name while Claudine and Raymart refused to comment on this issue.

NBI is still in the process of completing the names of the said investors of FrancSwiss and they will invite them to their office for them to clear their names.

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