Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Press Freedom Mural Altered by NPC

The Neo-Angono Artists Collective was asked to create a press freedom mural by the National Press Club (NPC) but after the artwork was done, some alterations were made without the consent of the group of artists.

Here are the alterations made by NPC on the mural according to Richard Gappi, president of the Neo-Angono Artists Collective:

The name of the news paper was changed from "The Philippines Today" to "NPC DIGEST." The headline "Press Freedom Fighter’s Son Abducted" was changed to "Press Freedom Fight Is On." This pertains to Jonas Burgos whose name was also altered and the pictures of Jonas and his mother, Edith Burgos were defaced.

In this area, the central figure of the mural which is a man reading a newspaper, the statement of the International Federation of Journalists regarding the perceived effects of the anti-terror law on press freedom inside the paper is replaced by a "hideous bird-monster in a cage."

The tattoo which is an alibata "K" on the left arm of the image of the revolutionary Andres Bonifacio selling cigarettes was replaced by a heart pierced by an arrow.

The figure of academician-columnist Prof. Randy David beside columnist Conrad de Quiros was altered by lenghtening of the hair.

A beard and mustache and changing the color of the pugo and balut vendor identified as columnist and Martial Law detainee Juan Mercado.

And finally, they erased the name of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines from the banners of the rallyists.

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