Friday, November 9, 2007

Jon Avila Pay Respect to His Aunt Tacing

The "Ultimate Pasaway" Ethel Booba was tasked by Big Brother to make a flower arrangement for someone. Without knowing whose relative it was, Big Brother also told Ethel to ask Jon to help her.

Ethel doesn't bond with Jon a lot that is why Big Brother asked Ethel to do a task which has something to do with Jon.

As soon as Ethel was able to finish her task, Big Brother allowed Ethel to read her bestfriend’s (Vice Ganda) complete letter for her and she also learned that the flowers that she and Jon arranged were for the English Outcast's favorite aunt who passed away.

Doing the task, Ethel gave Jon a chance pay his last respects to his Tita Tancing in Ildefonso, Bulacan

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