Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Militants not happy with Inday Jokes

As i browse through the net for some updates, a certain article caught my attention and it's about Inday Jokes.

According to that article, some militants said that there's nothing wrong with being amused with the joke but the message behind the joke was not funny.

They say, should we be amazed that a maid can speak in English? Believe that English speaking Inday is impossible?

There are a lot of Filipino Overseas Filipino Workers who were like Inday who can speak fluently in English, a degree holder and overqualified of their work and envied by their employer presuming to be rich and educated.

But, aren't we overreacting with these kind of issues about Filipino workers in abroad or even in the Philippines? Revolting over a line delivered on a comedy-drama series, and even a joke.

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