Monday, October 29, 2007

Riza Santos is the New PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Head of Household

Another will rule the house this week after the Desirable Diva, Riza Santos wins the H.O.H. race.

This week, the housemates raced their way to the finish line in three batches.
The housemates have to complete one race lap using a small go-cart.

Toni Gonzaga who was recently included inside Big Brother's house as Celebrity Housegests served as the flag girl in the start & finish line.

Riza was able to win the first batch, Will won the second, and Ruben won the last batch. And in the final race between the 3 winners, Riza was able to complete 3 lapse s ahead of Will and Ruben.

Riza now holds the title and will be able to enjoy numerous privileges, specifically the exclusive use of the shower room, and an instant immunity from the nomination but she also gets the responsibility of automatically nominating one of her housemates.

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