Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby caught in the act by Lolit Solis

In an exhibit at Sofitel, formerly called the Westin Philippine Plaza, Startalk host Lolit Solis was invited by a businessman named Erning Lim. And there at the same location, Lolit was able to see the two most promising heartthrobs.

It was unintentional and surprising view for Manay Lolit Solis who lost her way when looking for the right way going to the exhibit. According to her article in Philippine Star Ngayon, She just found herself entering Sofitel's poolside coffee shop at around four in the afternoon and there she saw two men in a sweet situation, exchanging whispers,and their cheeks nearly touching. It was Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby.

When waiters called her attention, Sam and Piolo immediately left the place.

Until now, Lolit Solis is still pondering on what she saw on the poolside of Sofitel.

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