Friday, June 29, 2007

PBB Season 2, Big Four and 12th Evictee Revealed

Pinoy Big Brother followers watched with crossed fingers as they wait for the result of the text votes. And after long hours of waiting, Big Four was finally announced.

G-ann Abrahan, Beatriz Saw and Wendy Valdez were the first 2 housemates called and confirmed as part of the Big Four.

Mickey Perz, Bodie Cruz and Wendy Valdez held hands as they wait for Toni to call the last two names to enter the Big Four. The controversial housemate Wendy took the third spot which give her another chance to prove herself and and be called as the Big Winner and the last housemate called to take the last spot was Mickey Perz.

Bodie got 12.46% which is equal to 462,965 actual votes versus 87.54% of thr remaining 4 housemates.

As Bodie walked out of the PBB House, crowd were shouting like "Si Wendy na lang!" he hushed the crowd with teary eyes. His parents and his sister were there to welcome him back.

And now that the Big Four is finally announced, the Big Winner is still up to the viewers and voters. Support your favorite housemate by texting and make him/her the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Big Winner

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