Thursday, October 18, 2007

Erap on Immigration

On his arrival in San Francisco. ERAP notices a long queue in the immigration area. He glances and sees a shorter queue that read... "OLYMPIC ATHLETES ONLY". "Aba, doon na ako pipila...hehe" He instructs his aides to look for sport props.

The first aide, carrying a hubcap, goes through. His excuse...DISCUS thrower.

ERAP: "Aba ayos yon ah!"

The second aide also goes through with a mop pole. His excuse...JAVELIN thrower.

ERAP: "Aba...mahusay din." "Teka muna, presidente ako ng Pilipins. Dapat hindi
basta basta lang ang sports ko!! Dapat cultured ng konti." He goes around and
finds a bundle of barbed wire. "Ayos ito...tamang tama." He goes directly to the immigration area.

Immigration Officer: "Sorry sir, this queue is only for athletes...What's
your excuse?"

ERAP: Showing him the barbed wire with a wide grin..."FENCING!"

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