Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bruce Quebral: 11th Evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Season II

PBB Season 2 Basketball Hunk, Bruce Quebral gave his last hugs and kisses to beloved Wendy Valdez inside PBB House.Before the eviction, housemates were requested to go inside the confession room where their luggages are placed.

The first four housemates who were told to leave the confession room are safe, they were Beatriz, Bodie, G-ann, and Mickey but their text votes are in no particular order.

Bruce and Wendy were left inside hugging each other, knowing that one of them will leave the house. Good news in Wendy is safe and still has the chance to be one of the Big Four. The bad news is Bruce is will leave the house without Wendy.He garnered 6.35% against 93.65% of text votes of the 5 remaining housemates, which made him the 11th evictee of PBB Season 2.

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