Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Alligator Dash

A very rich man who owns a huge house has a drop-dead gorgeous daughter.
He's also interested in alligators and has a sumptuous swimming pool filled with different exotic specimens of the species. One day he decides to throw a party and invites hundreds of people. After everyone has had a few drinks, he announces that anyone who can jump into the pool and make it to the other side alive can have either £1 million or his daughter. No one is willing to try this, until suddenly there's a splash, and he turns to see a bloke in the pool, swimming as fast as he can to the other side. Everyone cheers him on, as the alligators try to tear him apart. Amazingly, he makes it to the other side, somewhat ruffled, but completely unharmed. The rich man says, ‘I say, that was amazing! So what's it to be: the million or my daughter's hand?’ The hero replies, ‘Look mate I don't want your money or your daughter. I just want the bastard who pushed me in!’

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