Monday, October 15, 2007

10 Celebrity Housemates now on Pinoy Big Brother House

There were already 10 Celebrity housemates who has entered "Bahay ni Kuya" and still waiting for the others.

The ten celebrity housemates who were able to enter the Pinoy Big Brother House were:

Will Devaughn - half-german, ¼ African-American and ¼ Filipino model-actor. Also known as the "True Lover"

Maegan Young - former Kapuso turned Kapamilya and recently portrays a role on Kokey and known as the "Princess of Charm"

Riza Santos - recently denies being one of the Housemates to enter Pinoy Big Brother house. The reigning Ms. Earth-Canada, the "Desirable Diva" and a certified NBSB or No Boyfriend Since Birth.

Ruben Gonzaga - the pride of Davao and popular with his Budotz dance. Known as "Komedyanteng Promdi."

Victor Basa - Born an illegitimate child, an actor and also a model known as "Lonely Dreamboy"

Yayo Aguila - one of the 80s icon, wife of William Martinez and a "Mom in Distress"

Baron Geisler - a former childstar who has a drinking problem and known as the "Wild Child"

Marylaine Viernes - one of the 26K and known as the "Brainy Babe"

Jen Da Silva - a former 26K girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. .Marylaine's two-in-one housemate. The "Despised Babe"

Donald Geisler - Baron's brother, a Taekwondo champ and member of the Philippine Team and the "Good Brother"

According to, there are still four housemates that are set to be revealed. They are the "Tisoy Model-Actor", "Extreme Sports Lover", "Musikerong Dad" and "Controversial Beauty Queen". Watch Pinoy Big Brother UBER every 5:30pm where hosts Mariel and Bianca will unveil the remaining housemates.

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