Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wilyonaryo, where na you?

Wowowee's segment Wilyonaryo was noticeably missing the whole week. That is why Wowowee fans were asking, Wilyonaryo, where na you?

There were no announcement given regarding the sudden disappearance of the segment. Though there were reports that two staffs of Wowowee were axed because of the Wilyonaryo controversy who according to reports were responsible for the incident.

With the Wilyonaryo controversy, the Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame feud and the vanishing segment of Wowowee, the shows rating on daytime television slowly slides at the bottom.

Will Willie regain the shows credibility? Will Wilyonaryo be seen again on Wowowee? Will there be another program to replace Wilyonaryo? or Wi (uwi) na you?

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