Friday, September 28, 2007


Like many others, I also would like to have my own site with my own domain. How I wish I could use my name or surname as my domain name but for security reasons, wag na lang.

Why toingks?
This was my account name on youtube and some of my preferred domain name were no longer available.

What Language does use?
In this site, I will be using Tag-lish, meaning pwedeng Tagalog at pwede rin na English ang gamitin kong salita.

What is all about?
This site will serve as my blog, you can also blog here if you want (soon), and a public site for some updates on TV, movies, showbiz, chismisan, text messages, love letters, scandal, trivia, sports, infotech updates, mobile updates etc.

For comments and suggestions, you are free to leave a message by commenting in this post. Just click the comment link below then type your message. I do hope that instead of using “Anonymous” as your name, please take some time to type your name or any nickname that would best represent you. And please, no vulgar/obscene and sharp words.

More to come.. soon
I will also post lyrics and soon some music streams. If you want to request for some lyrics, I will make a music area where you can leave your requests.

I will try to update regularly.

Thank you!

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