Sunday, July 15, 2007

MTRCB on Transformers

The box office hit movie Transformers should have a PG-13 rate from MTRCB before it gets the General Patronage rating in the Philippines.

Movie goers are not aware of what the movie went through when MTRCB board member Edmund Sicam gave his individual report giving the classification of Parental Guidance – 13 on the movie.

According to him, PG-13 was given due to the one-time use of the word “masturbation” in the original copy which is not for a G classification.

However, after the conference was convened, a proposal was made of voluntary deleting or bleeping the said word.

Two of the remaining board members gave a G rate subject to checking and requires a re-screening of the movie.

After Sicam heard about the classification, he then withdrew his individual report with his signature from the committee report.


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